Silastone® by Thai Summit Stone Co.,Ltd manufacture and export high quality quartz slabs and countertops. Our quartz is made with 92%~93% quartz sands and 7% resins. The real selected raw materials generate dense and durable quartz surface with stain resistance, zero water absorption, scratch and heat resistance. Silastone® quartz is an engineered stone with maintaining free.

Why us?

  • Best Raw Materials: We import the raw materials from different countries, such as China, India, Turkey, and use the best resin to get the most compact surface.
  • Production Capacity: Own 2 quartz pressing lines for jumbo big slabs at 126”x63”(3200x1600mm) with monthly output 20,000 square meters (215,000 sqft) and yearly 250,000 square meters.
  • Research & Development: We keep a certain amount of investment into new designs and craftsmanship improvement, this include a fixed amount + part of profit.
  • Wide Ranges of Color Collection: Our clients are designers, construction companies, distributors, contractors to hotels and apartments. We produce wide ranges of colors for distribution and projects, that include basic colors, solid colors, marble look colors and special designs. Meanwhile, we do color match for any specified colors.
  • Custom Countertops Expert: We hire Chinese workers with experienced craftsmanship and high efficiency for cut to size kitchen and bathroom countertops. Our countertops slabs are made per project units dimensions to get the best yield to save cost, so we can offer best prices to our clients.
  • Your Reliable Projects Consultant: Our experienced project team have basic knowledge of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities, which results in our custom quartz countertops double checked before production. So the cabinets + quartz countertops + sinks + faucets could be installed correctly and smoothly at the jobsite.
  • Considerate Logistics Support: Based on the projects units sizes, we design the packing under the safest way, and also consider the cost saving solutions to your jobsite (stacking or not, containers quantity, container type, installation cost etc…).
  • Quick Reaction to your requirements: From the estimation to samples sending, from CAD drawings to any emails, we do our best to finish within the same day when we receive.
  • One-Click Connection for Custom Countertops: Our salesmen are always available for immediate communication for any questions; Our sales Manager mobile number is always being reached.

We Are Proud of Our Team Work with Our Clients, Colleagues, Production Workers to Make A Big Business!