When you consider the hard surface into your kitchen and bathroom countertops for your multifamily, residential and hospitality projects, the Engineered Quartz Kitchen Countertops are more and more popular than ever. The quartz countertops for kitchen is taking more shares from granite countertops, as quartz is harder than granite. Also quartz countertops are with zero water absorption .  

Quartz is a non-porous engineered stone, it’s stain resistance to oil, juice, sauce, coffee and other sources. Due to its non-porous with zero water absorption, it won’t harbor viruses or bacteria. You will feel easy to make food on the countertops. Plus it’s heat resistance, quartz countertops is maintaining free.

Silastone® Quartz is made with at least 92% quartz and 7% resin, it has wider color possibility than natural granite. Quartz could match natural stone colors to get the rich designs, you are invited to check our Quartz Colors for wide choice.

The White Quartz Countertops are always the classical and most popular for most projects. People like the Calacatta Quartz Countertops for their residential kitchen and high end multifamily projects. See the left picture a beautiful Calacatta quartz applied to the kitchen countertops, islands and back splashes.


Calacatta quartz countertops prefer the veins spreading to all the pieces, especially for the Islands with waterfalls, Silastone® are capable to handle your luxury projects perfect with veins jointed perfect.


Meanwhile, many projects are looking for affordable cheap quartz countertops for their kitchen and bathroom. Then the basic quartz colors or say Level I are the best choice, these basic quartz colors are mostly with clear quartz or glass grains. See the below picture on the left.


Eased edges at 20mm (3/4”) or 30mm (1-1/4”) are always the simplest and most popular edge used. But market is tending to prefer the kitchen countertops to cover the cabinets’ panels, then Laminated Edges as on the right of above picture shown are to be applied. Silastone® is expert on the custom quartz countertops for different edges and designs, we offer you perfect laminated edges with invisible seam as the picture.

The other popular edge for quartz countertops is mitered edge, it’s widely used for kitchen islands waterfalls and hospitality bathroom countertops’ aprons, that brings seamless edges vision. Below picture show the mitered edge made in factory to kitchen islands application with waterfalls.

mitered quartz kitchen countertops with waterfalls

Silastone® manufacture different sized slabs for wholesales and projects. We make the quartz countertops slabs per the projects’ actual sizes to get the best yield to save cost. We press the below but not limited slabs sizes:

-3200x1600mm (126”x63”) jumbo size

-2800x1400mm(110”x55”) standard size

-3000×1400/1500mm (118”x55”/59”)

The thickness of our Silastone® quartz slabs are :

_20mm (3/4”)


_15mm (5/8”)

_12mm (1/2”)

The wide choice of slabs sizes and thickness can make your projects with wide design possibilities and easier installation.

Whatever you are looking for marble look quartz kitchen countertops, or Grey quartz countertops; whatever you are looking for typical kitchen countertops or L shaped countertops, large islands, bar tops or special shaped countertops with eased edges or laminated edges or OTHERS, Silastone® are your right manufacturing partner for long term business cooperation.