If you are looking for quartz bathroom countertops to build your new hotels or commercial projects, apartments, or to renovate, Silastone® is your right supplying partner.

The first consideration of bathroom countertops is the moisture from the sinks and shower area. Engineered quartz stone is the most suitable hard surface material for your bathroom countertops (or called vanity tops), as it’s non-porous with zero water absorption.

Silastone® from TSS Thailand is the leading manufacturer of quartz slabs and fabricator of quartz countertops. Only using high quality raw materials (at least 92% quartz sands and 7% resins with some pigments), Silastone® quartz is durable, stain resistance and maintenance free.

No matter whatever quartz colors you want to apply to your bathroom countertops, Silastone® provide wide Quartz Collections  for your choice. If you want bright colors for your bathroom especially for small space, the White Quartz Bathroom Countertops and Marble Look Quartz Countertops  are your direction to consider. Here is a project we did using Pure White quartz with mitered edges for the aprons.

Bath tops fabricated
Mitered Edge
After Instalation

The Marble Look Quartz has many different types on the veins’ thickness, sizes, directions, colors etc.. See below 2 colors that are range of Carrara Marble Look quartz colors as example.

For some luxurious residential and hospitality projects, you may like the Calacatta Quartz Countertops  applying into the bathroom.  They look amazing into your space –bright & artistic. More Calacatta Styles please click Here !

If you want other colored countertops like Grey Quartz Countertops or Basic Quartz Color Countertops, we can offer you ALL.


Eased edges at 20mm (3/4”) or 30mm (1-1/4”) are always the simplest and most popular edge used. But market is using more and more mitered edges for quartz bathroom countertops as no seam visible. The above pure white is the best example.

Bathroom Countertops (vanity tops) are always with small width like 22”, if you are using large undermount sinks, the space left for faucet and back splashes are very tight. In this case, you can use our thin thickness splashes, we can the below thickness of quartz countertops.

12mm (1/2”)

15mm (5/8”)

20mm (3/4”)


Silastone® is your custom countertops fabricator expert, we have wide ranges of colors, we provide you solutions of quartz countertops by LEVELS if you have no idea what colors you would want and the costs you may expect.

If you could not find the colors you are looking for, you are recommend to use our Color Match to match the same colors and patterns of your specified colors from any manufacturer.

Silastone® is your right manufacturing partner of quartz custom cut to size countertops for your projects from Thailand –a Buddhist country with morality. We are looking for long term business relationship.