We know the White Quartz Countertops are the forefront in the countertops industry. The grey quartz countertops are also the market focus. Grey countertops give more cool and calm space feeling, that is your own space !

Silastone® quartz offer different ranges of Grey Quartz designs for your Kitchen Countertops and Bathroom Countertops. We fabricate custom kitchen and bathroom countertops, islands, bar tops, splashes, aprons for your multifamily and hospitality projects.

We manufacture the quartz countertops by different colors from cheap level one to luxurious level four. The grey quartz could be cheapest with grains, to higher cost plain/solid grey, or more luxurious grey with veins, concrete greys and so on.

The below solid grey quartz countertops look beautiful with simple white cabinet or classical maple cabinets.

If you are looking for Cheapest Grey Quartz Countertops, we recommend you to go LEVEL I Quartz at grey colors. Below Is a color example.

Or if you want Pure Grey (Solid Grey) quartz countertops, you are recommend to use our Cement Grey (dark grey) and light grey quartz . See below comparison of the two colors.

We also have other designs with grey color but with veins and patterns.  Below is an example of the grey background quartz with white or light veins that we can offer too.

Some special projects seek for special grey quartz designs in the kitchen. Here are two concrete colors that are used in some projects.

Quartz Countertops are stain resistant. But dark color like the middle or dark grey quartz countertops are recommended to use polished surface finish. The Honed (Matt) or Leathered surface finish requires more maintenance than polished.

If your projects love the Honed (Matt) or Leathered surface finish, we recommend to use waterproof agent to seal. Sealing can protect the surface far away from the finger prints and other stains. We are your quartz projects manufacturing expert, you hand your projects to us, you set easy !