The edge finishing is the second factory to consider for Countertop’s aesthetic perception, after its quartz colors are finalized. The countertops edges combine with the cabinets and vanities to have the full presence of your kitchen and bathroom.

Silastone® fabricate different types of edges, in spite of standard, premium or laminated edges. We use the up-to-date machines with experienced craftsmanship to get the best quality edges –even and nice looking.

Quartz is compact engineered stone made by heavy pressure, which leads to the edges no chips during production. The below eased edge of the marble look quartz countertops shows the patterns seen from the edges.

If you want everything simple, standard edges are the good choice.

If you want some difference, go with Premium range, in which the bullnose and bevel edges are the favorate edge types.

However, many kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops are choosing laminated edges to cover the cabinets or vanities.

Silastone® can make perfect laminated edge, see below the 2+2cm laminated edges, the joint is seamless.

The Laminated Mitered edge is highly liked by many designers, architects and property owners, especially for the hotels with long aprons (4” or bigger), the laminated mitered is the best choice with seamless edges.