As the professional manufacturer and fabricator of quartz surface, Silastone® provide you different cost levels of quartz designs.Our quartz colors cover all levels based on your actual requirements on the designs and costs.

For your projects budgeting or bidding, we can quickly give you the cost of a quartz color at any levels and can design a color within your budget, whatever if the quartz countertops projects drawings are not available. And the process costs (sink cutouts, edges etc ) are fixed, so you could be easily to know how much you would pay for your projects.

Thanks to our R&D department experience, we could design a color based on your description or match a color you like from any manufacturer, this allows you to pay very good costs to get the same designs and aesthetics. Meanwhile, within a budget range of your quartz countertop projects, we offer you wide collections from different colors, different patterns. See below some our colors examples from LEVEL I (cheapest) to LEVEL IV (most expensive) –click the picture to see the samples’ images.

Calacatta Quartz Colors are NOT listed below, please clike HERE to check.

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